Terms of Use

General Rules

1. These terms and conditions are accepted by you each time you donwload something from Blogshin.

2. These resources are free for commercial and non-commercial use on any version of RPG Maker or any other game development software as long as you credit, the author (me -> Shin).

3. You can post these resources on other site as long as you credit the author (me -> Shin) and put a hiperlink to Blogshin together.

4. Terms can be changed without warning.

5. These rules apply to anyone from the moment you download a resource, you agree from that moment on. Not reading does not release you from agreeing.

6. All material on the blog belongs to Shin, except those indicated as exceptions.

Specific Rules

– If you use any of the converted Aveyond resource, you should also credit Amaranth Games LLC. And if you wish to use them on a commercial game, you must contact them first.

– If you use any of the converted material from Fox, Mack Looseleaf ou Naramura, you should also credit them accordingly.


Blogshin – RPG Maker VX Resources by Shin is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição-Uso Não-Comercial 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://blogshinvx.wordpress.com/termo-de-uso/.


8 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. Well, mazin, you are now the second person to say that and, considering that I have as many foreign visitor as brazilian ones, I guess you are right.

    I will translate the terms to english soon.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. I love your site, I have a simple question. Can I alter the graphics to use in rmxp? I dont like some of the functions of VX and would love to add your stuff to some of my tilesets. But the one item I want the most A3 – AGM 12 12UTC dezembro 12UTC 2009 would need to be edited a little bit to fit into rmxp. I will give full credit to the author Shin 🙂 The graphics are perfect for my tutor town I want to make. If there is a problem I will respect your decision, and will not use them in my RMXP project. Thank you

  3. Hi, Xavier. I am really glad that you like the site.
    About your question, go ahead! You can edit anything from the blog to suit your needs.

    Besides, most of the resources here are convertions or edits… so…

    Thanks for the visit and for the comment.

  4. Shin do céu, seu blog vai me salvar no meu projeto cara! Estava procurando tiles e encontrei trocentos aqui muito bons! Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho que está realizando.

  5. Hi everyone, if you use Aveyond resources, please also credit Amaranth Games. If your game is commercial, you’ll need to contact Amaranth Games as well. Happy mapping! 🙂

    • Thats right, guys! I only converted and adapted the tilesets from Amaranth, so if you use them on your games, don’t forget to credit Amaranth Games. Thats why all Aveyond converted resource is rightfully named as such.

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